Summer is
for having fun

At Creaciones Llopis, we want to share your holidays with you and so offer AREMAR – an extensive catalogue of inflatable items to play with, relax with and, in short, enjoy unforgettable times for all the family and especially your children, who’ll not want to leave the water!

Creaciones Llopis offers a fun range of lilos, inflatable dinghies and paddling pools, balls, swimming pools, small animal floats and toys, armbands and rings that meet all the requirements to become inseparable toys during the holidays.

Original premium inflatables that are perfect for taking to the beach, enjoying in the river or lake and for practicing in the pool. Made with the safety and reliability we guarantee in all our products.


With Aremar, we have everything from all sizes and shapes of inflatable items to parasols, toys for the water and beach, balls, buckets, rackets, snorkelling masks, etc. There’s nothing you might be missing when it’s time for the beach that we can’t offer you at Creaciones Llopis.

We offer

Because it’s essential for us that our products offer the highest quality in terms of materials and their design or finish. Always seeking to offer premium quality products.


Our customers come first and we know how important it is to offer safe products, so they are all subject to strict supervision in terms of safety and pass the corresponding checks.

Your favourite

You’ll find many of our products decorated with the latest characters from TV and cinema because we’re always thinking about the youngest members of the family.

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