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You can exercise your right on data protection at the following address:Pda. Els Vinyals s/n., 03450 Banyeres de Mariola. The users of this web understand that the information provided through social networks (post, mentions, reviews, links, chat, videos, photos, etc.) may be public and, as such, used by third parties over which CREACIONES LLOPIS, S.L. has no technical possibilities of restriction.
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Therefore, users should be aware of this fact, inherent to the use of the information published through social networks. All opinions and, in general, the information published by users only represents the opinion of who provides it and do not indicate any participation by CREACIONES LLOPIS, S.L.
As to the identification of the users that link, comment or introduce posts and contributions (text, video, photos, etc.) by managing and holding companies of sites called “Social Networks”, CREACIONES LLOPIS, S.L. cannot ensure compliance with the legislation in force at any time in the field of data protection and the company forwards users to the privacy policies of each social network.

With regards to the content published on the social networking spaces used by CREACIONES LLOPIS, S.L., it forwards users to follow the rules aforementioned.

Should users have any doubt about the processing of personal data by CREACIONES LLOPIS, S.L. through social networks, then they can get in contact with the company using the address