Our teddies have accompanied generations of children that have already grown up and give our dolls to their children and loved ones.
They are childhood memories in the form of teddy bears, dogs, cats and rag dolls, rockers and so many other traditional toys that for a lot of years have witnessed very special moments in the lives of our customers.

We are very happy to have been able to design original teddies which served as gifts to celebrate special days. We have a wide variety of dolls for every occasion: Christmas teddies, love toys, stuffed toys for babies, giant stuffed animals, all of them made with the highest quality of fabrics and under a strict security control.
But above all, we are very proud of the love and care with which they are made.

Perhaps that is the reason why our teddies are loved beyond matters of age, sex, borders, as they are used to receiving big hugs daily.