Who has not had a float as a child? Who has never played with a beach ball?
When summer comes, fun moves to the pool, to the beach or to any place where water is the undisputed star.

And just for this occasion we can offer you a wide range of inflatable articles to play, relax and, ultimately, enjoy unforgettable moments for the whole family, but especially for the youngest of the family, who will not want to get out of the water.

Creaciones Llopis offers you a wide range of mats, boats and inflatable tubs, balls, swimming pools, small animals and floating toys, armband floaties and life preservers, which meet all the requirements to become children’s inseparable toys during the holidays.
They are original and high-quality inflatable items, ideal to take to the beach, to enjoy your time in rivers and lakes or relax in the swimming pool. Manufactured with the safety and confidence we guarantee on all our products.