Welcome to Creaciones Llopis

Specialists in smiles

Know us


Welcome to Creaciones Llopis

Specialists in smiles

Know us


Specialists in smiles

Welcome to Creaciones Llopis

Know us


Welcome to Creaciones Llopis

Specialists in smiles

Know us


We have been making dreams since 1977, drawing smiles and making fun for children and adults.

Our company has grown over the years, together with the best customers, moving and evolving with the times.

We have become large, and the best thing is that we have without losing the enthusiasm and innocence from our childhood.

Plush toys

A stuffed animal is much more than a doll. It is the toy that accompanies children in their walks, the one which adolescents hug and kiss and the one which recalls adults the child inside them.

It is a present that goes straight to the heart.

In Creaciones Llopis we have manufactured stuffed animals of all sizes, colours and shapes, but our main satisfaction has always been the smiles that have put on the face of those who received them.


If we are able to make dreams of plush, why were we not going to be able to offer our customers the possibility to experience in first person a universe of fantasy and enthusiasm?

It occurred to us that a way of making people laugh was providing them with a wonderful opportunity to become someone different, to be who they wanted, even if it was for a single moment.

We wanted to help them star in great adventures and make them enjoy themselves as children thanks to a nice costume.

Inflatable items

Fun can be found in any place and at any time of the year, but summer is funny by nature.

In Creaciones Llopis we also wanted to accompany you on your holiday and offer you a wide range of toys in the form of inflatable items to relax in the pool or jump the sea waves.

A refreshing way to have a great time on your summer holidays.


Creaciones Llopis

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Fax +34 966 567 211

Mail: info@creacionesllopis.com

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